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Turn your ADHD traits into an advantage and succeed in business your way.



✅ Quick read — tailored for ADHD.

✅ Building blocks — the foundation for personal success.

✅ Simple, powerful rules — easy to follow and surprisingly effective.

Only after several years in business did I realize that I have severe ADHD — a condition that not only affects my “life choices” (hello, risk takers??), but also my day-to-day performance. I set out to establish some ground rules to help me along and found that these rules helped me succeed.

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What our readers say

"Provides valuable insights, effective solutions, and coping strategies for some of the most common issues, challenges, and sources of stress commonly confronted by people with ADHD."

Carolina Estevez, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist
Miami, Florida

"A whole new perspective about ADHD!"

Abby Keeley
Memphis, Tennessee

Use your advantage

My expertise continues to help others with ADHD thrive in business.

After my daughter exhibited the same behavior I did at the age of three, I knew I had to see a professional. The steps I’ve taken to get back control of my life through understanding my ADHD have proven tremendously helpful in furthering my success.

Let’s talk about your unique ADHD traits and how you can harness them to succeed in business — because ADHD is an advantage.

Together, we’ll identify how to make the most of your condition, and what unique benefits there are for your particular business.

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What will you learn from this book?

13 rules to help you win in business with ADHD

Quick read tailored for ADHD

Read it in less than 5 minutes – this book was created for people with ADHD, by people with ADHD. We know you don’t have patience and we know you “get it” instantly, so we created a fast track for you to whisk through the book and still get the most out of it.

Building Blocks

You are constantly evolving, learning and developing. Use these rules as your building blocks and create your own rules. And don’t forget to share them with others!

Simple, yet powerful rules

Easy to follow surprisingly effective

This is a book for people with ADHD. It takes just a few minutes to read, yet should have a long-lasting effect on you.

Enjoy this book and, most importantly, please write to me to share your experiences after reading it.

“ADHD is like having a Ferrari engine for a brain with bicycle brakes. Strengthen the brakes and you have a champion.”
– Dr. Edward Hallowell, former faculty member of the Harvard Medical School

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