Winning in Business ADHD Book Image

Harness the power of ADHD

“ADHD is like having a Ferrari engine for a brain with bicycle brakes. Strengthen the brakes and you have a
– Dr. Edward Hallowell, former faculty member of the Harvard Medical School

Things to consider before reading my book:

1. This book is about business, but it can help you with other areas of your life.
2. The book provides a set of basic rules I have used to succeed. Don’t dismiss the book if one idea doesn’t
work for you.
3. Each rule has a TLDR, followed by a more detailed description. The TLDR will summarize each rule in as few words as possible, and you can get the point without reading the longer description.
4. The book doesn’t provide a formula for success, but it is an eye-opener. You are smart. After reading this book, you can create your own follow-up rules.


Thank you! Hadar